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Des Moines Marina Association

P.O. Box 98337, Des Moines, WA 98198

July 8th, 2020
(Note: The DMMA Board Meeting was held as a virtual meeting at 7pm.)

DMMA Officers and Directors:
President: Ken Rogers, Treasurer: Ben Stewart (Absent),
Vice-President: Paul Grove (Absent), Secretary: Bill Linscott

Directors: Doug Andrews, Rachel Hopps, Todd Powell,
(Absent Joe Dusenbury, David Barber, Frank Kurian)
Guests:  Harbormaster Scott Wilkins, Patti Linscott, Casey Mclean 

Opening Remarks: Welcome and call to order at 7:05pm. Check-in with those on the virtual Zoom meeting to confirm everyone had a working connection.

Approval of Minutes: (Bill Linscott) Minutes from the June 13, 2020 DMMA Board Meeting were reviewed. MOTION: Approve minutes as corrected. Motion was seconded and approved by vote.

Financial Report: (Ben Stewart)

  • Account Balance:  $7041.28. Anticipated expenses: Banners for the Marina’s 50th Birthday, and Print Place billing for printing of Top of Dock summary.

  • Paid Members:  (Same as June) - 36 paid members since Sept. 1, 2019. This should be the official membership count. 14 of the 36 paid members are from Jan. 1, 2020.

  • Continuing Reminder: Make sure you do not include your DMMA membership payment with your Marina tenant payment. These are two different systems and addresses. The address for DMMA is: P. O. Box 98337, Des Moines, WA  98198. Incoming dues will be applied to 2020.)

  • Membership Status: See above Financial Report.

  • From past discussions on how we might increase membership, a “tiered process” might be considered. This could include other organizations or businesses as members.

  • Action:  Frame-up this topic for discussion at the next DMMA meeting. (Todd Powell/Ken Rogers).  No report at this time.

Harbormaster Report (Scott Wilkins)

  • Marina Staffing: Chandler Williams has joined the staff in a full-time budgeted 2020 position. She comes to us from the City’s Parks and Recreation Department. Chandler has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology and holds all her open/deep water scuba certifications. Say Hi and welcome Chandler when you see her.

  • Fuel Dock Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm seven days a week. In addition, fuel pricing has the 10 cent per gallon discount for purchases on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. (This encourages larger boats to come early in the week, thus reducing congestion on busy weekends.

  • Guest Moorage: Marina has received a grant from the State (Boaters Infrastructure Grant - BIG) in the amount of $81,000 to upgrade all the electrical in Guest Moorage.  Will also install infrastructure for charging stations for electric vessels expected in the future.
    Small Boat Lift Repair: Maintenance has been completed on the lift for the summer season.  There is no change to its status for use: (One sling operation and weight limit of 3000lbs.)

  • COVID 19 Virus: The parking lots have now returned to normal access control for the public with parking passes. The Marina is looking at ways to provide consideration for the annual passes and days lost. The Marina office remains closed, but we are all here working. For customers requiring in-person service, we are taking appointments and staff will meet them outside.

  • Dock Side Tent/Structure: The plan for the hard siding instead of canvas is being finalized.  Once finalized, an estimated completion date will be established.

  • North Bulkhead Project:  City is still short one permit. Based on the current timing, there will be no project work in the north parking area done this year.

  • Update on Marina Development: No Change in status - A draft report has been received from the Waggoner Counseling project.  It is currently in review with the City Manager and City/Marina staff. Hope to have this available for further sharing in the near future.
    Other Comments:  Moorage is near 100% occupancy. There have been 60 new tenants arriving in the Marina since March 1. Reports from the boating community reflect high activity in sales, maintenances, surveys, etc. It appears there is renewed interest in boating from the 2020 pandemic period. Boating certainly provides for a recreational opportunity that can include a social distancing element. A NY Times article about this trend is attached.

Old Business

  • Update on Marina Development – At the June 25 City Council Meeting, the Facilities Capital Committee and the Economic Development Committee had the Marina Development topic scheduled for the October timeframe. Also see the Harbormaster report, above.

  • Guidelines on Dock Bulletin Boards: Action: DMMA to provide recommendations to Marina staff regarding guidelines governing what material is appropriate for the new “Top of the Dock” bulletin boards. Recommendations proposed from Ben Stewart were reviewed and discussed. The following recommendations were given to the Marina for acceptance:

Guidelines on Dock Bulletin Boards:
1) DMMA Board to have access to bulletin board.  (Dock keys for the Dock Representatives was discussed. It was concluded that providing keys to Dock Reps can contribute to the loss of control over material posted.  That said, the DMMA Secretary was assigned the oversight responsibility for the DMMA portion of the material and timeliness of postings.)
2) Every document should have a date on it.
3) Old documents should be removed. (Not later than 1 month limit.)
4) No advertising is allowed.
5) Bulletin boards should look neat and professional. (i.e., adequate thumb tacks on all material, no handwritten notes, etc.)
6) Divide Board with Marina material on the left and DMMA on the right.
7) Trim material to avoid overlap that can cover up other postings.

  • Dock Representatives: - No change in status. We should consider placing signage at the Dock Rep’s boat and ask them to attend the monthly Board Meeting. Bulletin Boards have arrived and will be installed at A and B Docks. A list of current Dock Representatives has been placed on the Top of Dock bulletin boards. DMMA still needs representatives for Docks E, F, and N. If interested, contact Todd Powell, at

  • DMMA Website: (Casey Mclean). A brief summary of approach was provided and work is in process. If you have thoughts and suggestions, and great photos of the Marina, please send directly to her. (

  • Waterland Blog Article:  Actions Complete. Article has been published. DMMA will look at adding this to the bulletin boards and elsewhere in the Marina.

  • Marina’s 50th Birthday – Actions Complete.  Two banners turned over to Marina Staff and have been posted.

  • Social Distancing Recommendations for Marina - Action – “All” – provide Scott Wilkins with any thoughts you may have regarding Social Distancing methods that could be posted or distributed as guidance for people at the Des Moines Marina. Discussion held. Input and recommendations are still appreciated. Forward to Scott.

  • Waterland Parade: Action Complete: DMMA has recorded a short video for the virtual Waterland Parade on July 18, Channel 21.

Improved Internet Access: Action: Scott Wilkins and Todd Powell to discuss initial steps for developing a plan for internet access improvement options.  No report at this time.

  • DMMA Contribution to Community Organizations:  Action Complete on the Motion: Approve a $500 donation to the Farmers Market. The check was presented to the Farmers Market President on Saturday, July 4. No additional recommendations were made at this time. The continuing discussions emphasized that any recommendation must have relevance to the benefit of the local Des Moines community and Marina tenants.

  • Spontaneous Boat Parade for Waterland Weekend: (Bill and Todd) – There is an effort to have a spontaneous boat parade on Waterland weekend. There is no longer a likely possibility for participation from members of the Classic Yacht Association (CYA), who are expected to be passing through the Marina on their annual South Sound Cruise that weekend. Any election to participate will be left with tenants, Yacht Clubs or other boating groups. DMMA advertising is not planned.

  • New Business - None at this time

Closing Remarks/Topics:

  • Next DMMA Board meeting – September 9, 7pm, via Zoom.  If you are not a Board Member and wish to attend, please reply to this email and we will send you a link.

  • Adjourn: 7:40pm

  • Other Reminder Items:

Marina Phone Numbers/Contacts: The Marina has provided the following phone numbers for tenants to call on a 24/7 basis for emergent issues:  During working day: 206-960-2266    Afterhours: 206-406-7149
DMMA Website: Suggestions are always appreciated.
DMMA Email Account:  

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