Des Moines Marina Association

P.O. Box 98337, Des Moines, WA 98198

September 11, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes




   President: Ken Rogers            Treasurer: Ben Stewart

   Vice-President: Paul Grove    Secretary: Bill Linscott

Directors:  Rachel Hopps, Doug Andrews, Joe Dusenbury, David Barber, Frank Kurian (absent) Todd Powell (absent)

Members: Patti Linscott; Don and Joan Cowan, Larry Wheir, Gabriel Cain

Guests: Assistant Harbormaster – Katy Bevegni; City Finance Director – Beth Anne Wroe; Michael Matthias – City Manager


Reminder: Please try to attend the City’s Marina Development Community Meeting on Thursday, September 19 at the Des Moines Yacht Club. The meeting starts promptly at 5:30pm – Doors open at 5:15pm. (Time was changed from previous meeting time of 6pm).


Opening Remarks: (Bill Linscott for Ken Rogers) Meeting called to order at 7pm. Bill advised that Ken would join the meeting shortly (Ken arrived at 7:06pm). Introductions were made for City officials attending. Participants congratulated Katy Bevegni, who is the newly announced Assistant Harbormaster. She is filling in for Scott Wilkins, who is out of town.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the July DMMA Board meeting were reviewed. Motion: Approve minutes as written. Seconded and passed by vote. DMMA Financial Report: (Ben Stewart) Current balance: $8,947.

(Continuing Reminder: Make sure you do not include your DMMA membership payment with your Marina tenant payment. These are two different systems and addresses.

Membership Status: (Ben Stewart reported for Frank Kurian) 36 paying members. Still need some actions to attract members.

Assistant Harbormaster’s Report: (Katy Bevegni)

North Bulkhead Project – Update: Permit approvals (Federal Government level) are now progressing. It is anticipated work will begin in late spring 2020.

Dredging: Work is planned for first quarter 2020. Completion is planned by February 15, 2020, to adhere to the State’s ecological permit requirements. Notice to tenants will go out prior to start of the project.

Fuel System Upgrade: This project is now planned for first quarter 2020. There will be no fuel during this time, which is expected to be 3 to 4 weeks. Notice to tenants will go out prior to start of the project.

SR3 Organization (Sealife Response+Rehab+Research: The City Council has approved a 10-year lease with a 5-year option for the SR3 organization. This is a non-profit company focused on rehabilitation of sea animals and sea birds. The facility will include a hospital to attend to rehabilitation efforts. They will be located at south end of the Marina in the small parking area next to the entrance. Parking will be inside their space. This facility will not be open to the Public, but will work with schools and colleges. Currently, Washington is trucking many animals to California. A current rendering of SR3 is shown in Attachment 1.

     Here is the organization’s website: (

Ladder Program: DMMA provided feedback that some of the ladders were installed with a portion submerged in water. They will be placed on blocks. In addition, ladder locations on the dock will be painted for designation and easy identification.

Marina Budget: The City has approved the addition of two (2) new full-time employees.

New Tenant Restrooms: Scott Wilkins is holding a tenant meeting on October 15, 7pm, at the Beach Park Dining Hall to show plans for replacement of restrooms in the south Marina lot. He wants to receive input and final thoughts from tenants.

Dock Message Board: An example of the proposed message boards to be placed at the doors at the top of the docks was presented to the Board. Each board is priced at $60. Based on their configuration and fairly large size, it was felt the Marina and DMMA could share space on these boards. This will support the DMMA effort to increase and improve its communications with tenants. The DMMA Board will split the cost with the Marina. A motion was made.  Motion: The DMMA will split the purchase cost (NTE $500) for the new message boards to be placed at the top of the docks. Motion passed by Board vote. Katy will provide DMMA with the specific amount for sharing of the cost. Action: DMMA Treasurer will prepare a check for payment.


Marina Development (Michael Matthias): A Marina Development Meeting is scheduled for September 19 at the Des Moines Yacht Club. Doors open at 5:15pm, and the meeting starts promptly at 5:30pm. The Holmes Consulting Group will provide an update on plans for development on the Marina floor. Public input will be collected and assembled. The results will be reported out to City Council at their meeting on Thursday, September 26, 7pm. Also joining this Council meeting will be the Waggoner Group consultants to provide an update on the water side of Marina development. DMMA believes both these meetings are important for Marina tenants to attend, become informed and participate in. The City Council meeting can be attended in person or viewed on line and on TV Channel 21.

Marina Budget Discussion (Beth Anne Wroe, City Finance Director) This session was an opportunity for DMMA to become better informed on the make-up and allocation methods involved in establishing and managing the Marina Enterprise Fund. It is important DMMA and the City are on the same page in explaining this information to our tenant members and the general public. It helps to dispel rumors and confusion at a time when there are a great deal of financial implications associated with Marina development (land side and water side). This may be the first of several sessions to gain a solid understanding of the Marina Enterprise Fund and its budget.

Beth Anne walked the group through the 2020 Marina budget. She explained that the structure of an Enterprise Fund is governed by State established accounting rules. The City has only two (2) Enterprise Funds: the Marina and the SWM (Surface Water Management) Funds. Both are managed the same. With respect to inter-fund charges between the City General Fund and the Marina Enterprise Fund, these occur for services and support provided by departments in the General Fund that service the Marina. This would include such departments as Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Administration (City Manager with direct reports); Emergency Management, etc. This allocation is based on a weighted average of budget value and FTE (labor) at the Marina in relation to the total City budget. The SWM Enterprise Fund is addressed the same way. The amount is fixed from the beginning budget each year and charged on a monthly basis as the year progresses. There are also Internal Service Funds that are accounts managed at the General Fund level for which the Marina is charged. These funds include: Equipment Replacement, Equipment Maintenance, Self-Insurance, Computer Replacement, and Computer Maintenance. The replacement accounts are based specifically on the list of equipment owned/used by the Marina and serve to build up the capital account so that when an item of equipment wears out there is adequate funding to replace it. Therefore, funding received from the Marina in this process, is returned to the Marina for the replacement when needed. Such funds are not allocated elsewhere within City departments. Beth Anne stated that if we have questions, send them to her and she will prepare responses for the next meeting.

DMMA appreciated the discussion and plans to have additional sessions in future meetings. Again, the purpose is to be on the same page as we (DMMA and City) explain Marina finances. The handout material used in the discussion is shown in Attachment 2 to these minutes.

Old Business Election Year - Meeting City Council Candidates: From the last meeting Action: Bill Linscott has action to put together an invitation plan, location and schedule for this activity in the Sept-Oct time frame. There are several meetings occurring in September and October that will be attended by DMMA members, so we are trying to find a convenient date for DMMA to meet with prospective candidates to hear their views on the Marina. We will send a separate email to members and put signage at the top of the docks inviting all tenants to join in to meet the candidates.

Dock Representative: DMMA is seeking Dock Representatives to help with communication to tenants. Ben Stewart will cover Docks C and D. Bill and Patti Linscott will cover Docks M and N. Work is still in progress. We will update at the next meeting.

New Business DMMA Booth Opportunity at the September 21 Saturday Farmers’ Market: The Farmers’ Market on September 21 will focus on key activities for the waterfront, such as cleaning up under the Fishing Pier. There will be scuba divers in the water to collect debris from the bottom under the Pier. The Saturday Market has asked that local boating clubs join in. A tent will be provided. The boating clubs will provide representatives and material to inform the Public about their organizations. These groups would include DMMA, the United States Power Squadron, Three Tree Point Yacht Club, and the Des Moines Yacht Club. DMMA Board members belonging to these clubs are asked to arrange their Club’s participation. In addition, a motion was made: Motion: DMMA to purchase a banner (NTE $100) for use at the market tent to identify this group in a general fashion – such as: “The Des Moines Waterfront Boating Community.” The motion was seconded and passed by Board vote. Action: Bill Linscott to purchase the banner and coordinate arrangements with the Market and participating Clubs.

October Fall General Meeting: A discussion was held regarding the Fall General Meeting agenda for all members and tenants. The location will be at the Senior Activity Center on 216th. The Marina will confirm the date of October 9. The time will be 7pm to 8:30pm, with set up at 6:30pm and clean up at conclusion. In addition to the standard agenda items, the primary topics will be: Marina 2020 budget and planned improvements for next year; The Marina development plan with next steps in this process; and the north bulkhead project and implications for our Marina operations during this project. Details on the topics and City officials attending will be worked out with Scott and the Marina staff.

Closing Remarks: As a closing item – DMMA Website: Ken Rogers led a discussion regarding the action plan for the DMMA website. This topic has lingered through several meetings without a meaningful conclusion or action plan. DMMA needs to decide on having a member(s) maintain the website, hire maintenance out, or not continue with a website. The group discussion had various opinions. Conclusion: 1) DMMA needs to have a website; 2) The approach should be simple in capability and focused on posting meaningful data relevant to the Marina; not a highly sophisticated interactive site; and 3) The maintenance preference is “member supported.” Assistance was offered by guest Gabriel Cain to define website requirements and to identify potential sources for additional help or services. Thank you, Gabriel!  Next steps/actions: Bill Linscott & others: Begin collecting relevant Marina information for posting. All Board Members: Look for/identify a member who has the knowledge and is willing to maintain the website in posting information. Also look at pricing for an external solution.   November Meeting: Final discussion/decision - Website maintenance approach – internal, external or drop it.

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed by Board vote. The meeting was adjourned at 8:23pm.

Other Reminder Items: Marina Phone Numbers/Contacts: The Marina has provided the following phone numbers for tenants to call on a 24/7 basis for emergent issues: During working day: 206-960-2266 Afterhours: 206-406-7149 DMMA Website: Suggestions are always appreciated. DMMA Website Address: DMMA email Account:

Next DMMA Meeting: The Fall General Meeting will be October 9,  7pm,  at the Des Moines Senior Activity Center


Thank you,

Bill Linscott, DMMA Secretary 206-445-2099


Attachment 1

SR3 Facility Rendering

Attachment 2
Financial Handout Material (Sorry – Only a photo is available. Zoom in.)