Des Moines Marina Association

P.O. Box 98337, Des Moines, WA 98198

November 13, 2019 - Board Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  Officers:

President: Ken Rogers Treasurer: Ben Stewart

Vice-President: Paul Grove Secretary: Bill Linscott

Directors: Todd Powell, Doug Andrews, Joe Dusenbury, David Barber, Frank Kurian, (Rachel Hopps, absent)

Members: Patti Linscott, Larry Wheir, Alison Pedersen, Don and Joan Cowan, Steve Novak Guests: None in attendance.

Opening Remarks: (Ken Rogers) Meeting called to order at 7pm. Ken advised us that the Harbormaster and Assistant Harbormaster were not able to attend, but they provided a report to share.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes from the October DMMA Fall General Meeting were reviewed. Motion: Approve minutes as written. Seconded and passed by vote.

DMMA Financial Report: (Ben Stewart) Current balance: $8,962. DMMA paid for a city banner ($150) placed on 227th. Invoice ($55) was turned in for the banner used at the Des Moines the Farmers Market on the September 21 International Costal Cleanup Day. Doug Andrews said Sharon Andrews has volunteered to make phone calls related to survey info and to encourage dues payment of members and recruitment of new members. We will ask her to take that on once we have drafted the survey following our next meeting.

(Continuing Reminder: Make sure you do not include your DMMA membership payment with your Marina tenant payment. These are two different systems and addresses. The address for DMMA is: P. O. Box 98337, Des Moines, WA 98198. Incoming dues will be applied to 2020.

Membership Status: (Ben Stewart) Two members paid up and we are at 45 members. Note: Our distribution list for these DMMA Meeting Minutes has many more people than our paying membership list. Please check to confirm you have paid your dues.

Harbormaster’s Report: (from Scott Wilkins) Tenant Appreciation Night: A Tenant Appreciation Night and holiday party is scheduled for December 12 in the activity tent beginning at 6pm. Tenant Lighted Boats in Guest Moorage: The Marina will give free overnight guest moorage to Marina tenants for decorated boats on the guest dock between December 11 through December 26. Marina Grant for Guest Moorage Electrical Upgrade: The Marina received a grant (thanks to Joe Dusenbury) of nearly $90,000 for electrical upgrades in

guest moorage. All slips will have 20, 30 and 50 AMP power.

Winter Projects: Marina Staff has started regular winter projects of replacing dock boards and pressure washing. Please let the Office or Maintenance Staff know if there are any major concern areas needing to be addressed. Staff is aware of piling related issues.

Dock Bulletin Boards: Everyone was in agreement on expressing appreciation for implementation of this project. We will get back to Katy with a plan for how best to assign keys. It seemed simple on the surface but upon discussion we found that more thinking was required on the mechanics with respect to who would have key access, what content guidelines for the boards need to be and some clarity on a policy that we don’t intend for the boards to be a generic space for posting of items for sale, services, etc. The intent of the bulletin boards is to communicate timely and relevant info from the Association, especially on the status of the marina redevelopment plan and the Bunzell study. Action: Todd agreed to draft an idea for managing the dock bulletin boards, keys, dock ‘captains’ and policy on content for posting. We will discuss that at the next meeting.

Public Safety & Security: New cameras have been placed throughout the Marina and Beach Park parking lots. They each have a blue light to identify their location, and are connected to the Des Moines Police Department. These cameras have served for both real time observation and as a crime deterrent. They can be monitored by police officers in the ordinary course of their patrol.

Public Meeting Regarding SR3: There will be a public meeting on November 20, 5 - 6:30pm, in the Beach Park Auditorium. SR3 is a non-profit organization providing care for stranded or injured marine animals through their rehabilitation center. The City has approved a 10-year lease (with a 5-year option) for the area adjacent to the Marina’s south entrance. Marina Harbor Boat: The Marina’s new Harbor One workboat has arrived, and is located on I Dock.

A couple of follow up questions: - Status of the sling lift? Scott has plans to meet with the City Manager after this week’s budget council meeting and address the update of the current sling lift. This item will need to have a budget amendment. -Timeline on restrooms? Has it been delayed? Plans are to begin work with KPG the first of December, so we are finally starting to move forward.


Reminder on Other Items from Prior Meetings:

North Bulkhead Project – Still expected to start in late spring 2020.

Dredging: Planned for first quarter 2020 with completion mid-February. The entrance will remain open during the dredging project.

Fuel System Upgrade: Still expected to start in early 2020. (No fuel during the project; expect 3 to 4 weeks). The Marina will send notices out to tenants as these projects get underway.


Old Business Dock Representative: (Todd Powell) DMMA is continuing to seek Dock Representatives to help with DMMA communication to tenants. Those interested please contact Todd Powell DMMA Website: No update/discussion. This topic will carry into 2020.

Marina Development: The Waggoner Group is underway with their Phase 2 study regarding the Marina “waterside” development. They have met with some of the Marina stakeholders and additional sessions with stakeholders are expected. An interim report-out on the study’s progress is planned for DMMA in the near term. The final Phase 2 report to City Council is expected in March 2020. In discussions of this topic, it was concluded DMMA should weigh in on a couple of items to express our tenant desires and expectations. These include: - Proposed moorage rates: There is an interest in confirming that comparable marinas are used for moorage rate calculations. Also a question on whether or not the formula increase from the previous Marina rate study is to be used in proposed future rate forecasts.

Dry Shed Storage: There is a strong tenant interest for continuing this capability. If study results propose removal rather than replacing the dry storage, how will revenue from dry storage affect Marina finances? This type of facility becomes a “cash cow” for Marina revenue following the pay off point. Action: Ben/Frank agreed to draft questions to gauge dry storage customers’ views and priorities to be included in a short survey. 

Covered Moorage: There is a strong tenant interest in continuing with covered moorage. We recognize it may be a different mix than today (~63% covered), but still a substantial number of “covered” is desired. Action: Bill will draft questions to gauge covered moorage customers’ views and priorities to be included in a short survey. Ken will talk to Scott about reaching out to all tenants using a survey insert with moorage billing statements.

New Business DMMA Fall Tenant Survey: (Bill Linscott) there were 14 responses to the survey released at the Fall Meeting in October. We need more input to feel we have relevance in the results. We have asked members who did not get a chance to complete the attached survey to do so and return by email to Final results will be addressed at the January 8 meeting.

DMMA January 8 Meeting – A brief discussion of potential topics for the January 8 meeting was held: (Note: DMMA Board does not meet in December) -Discuss Tenant Desires: Components of our future operating marina -Overview of Marina 2020 budget (Scott and Marybeth) -Consultant Interim Report (Waggoner Group – Phase 2) -Appoint Nominating Committee: For DMMA 2020 elections (Officers & Board)

ADJOURN: Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed by Board vote. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Other Reminder Items: Marina Phone Numbers/Contacts: The Marina has provided the following phone numbers for tenants to call on a 24/7 basis for emergent issues: During working day: 206-960-2266 Afterhours: 206-406-7149 DMMA Website Suggestions are always appreciated. DMMA Email Account:

NO MEETING IN DECEMBER - Next DMMA Meeting : January 8, 7pm, at the Des Moines Dock-side Tent in the Guest Moorage area.

Bill Linscott, DMMA Secretary



Des Moines Marina Association (DMMA) Fall General Meeting Questionnaire - 2019

We are interested in your feedback regarding the Marina and its operations and service during our 2019 summer boating season.

Using the range of 1 = needs improvement and 5 = excellent, please provide your views on the following:

-Quality of your moorage slip (structure & power)     1  2  3  4  5

-Marina response/resolution of issues or repairs       1  2  3  4  5

-Communications of events, actions or issues that could impact you     1  2  3  4  5

-Marina service/support at fuel dock      1  2  3  4  5

-Marina service/support from Marina Office     1  2  3  4  5

-Fuel pricing and availability      1  2  3  4  5

-Tenant parking availability        1  2  3  4  5

-Security on the tenant docks,   1  2  3  4  5

-Security on the public docks     1  2  3  4  5

-Security in parking lots              1  2  3  4  5

My most immediate concern is:


What I would like to see achieved next year is:


Feedback for our DMMA Organization: -Service/support to your issues and concerns     1 2 3 4 5

-Communications of actions/issues       1 2 3 4 5

What I would like to see DMMA achieve or improve next year:


Please complete this survey, then copy and paste into an email to:




































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Financial Handout Material (Sorry – Only a photo is available. Zoom in.)