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We appreciate your membership and support of the Des Moines Marina Association. Members support our mission of “Working to preserve the health and welfare of the Des Moines marina and to promote the value of the marina to city residents.” Your continued support and engagement is of great importance to ensure the city’s development activities reconfigure the marina to meet the future needs of Pacific Northwest boating.
Membership Dues $25  
Please complete the application information below.  We do not share email addresses.

Paying Due: 

You can pay your DMMA Member dues in two ways, either online here or

With a check payable to:  Des Moines Marina Association or DMMA

Mail to: Des Moines Marina Association PO Box 98337, Des Moines, WA  98198

***Reminder: Make sure you do not include your DMMA membership payment with your Marina tenant payment. These are two different systems and addresses. Your DMMA $25 dues payment must be go directly to DMMA.***

As an alternative, you may drop off your application and dues at the Quarterdeck or the CSR boatyard in the Marina (check only – no cash payment can be accommodated.)

DMMA 2022 Membership Application 

Thank you for joining!

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