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Marina Development Information

The City of Des Moines Council and staff are engaged in redevelopment plans and actions.  There are two aspects of this effort commonly referred to as the waterside and the landside.  The waterside involves primarily dock replacement and infrastructure that support an operational marina. The landside involves economic development with placement of businesses in the marina footprint and improvement of the recreational layout to be enjoyed by city residents and visitors to the city. Both the waterside and landside have elements which support one another in their operational concepts. In general, the City has these projects identified at this point (2022):


  • L, M, and N Dock Replacement to include new small boat sling - 1st Qtr 2025

  • E through K Dock Replacement  - 2032

  • A through D Dock replacement - 2039

(Source: City Council briefing February 10, 2022)


Landside Projects

  • Replacement of north parking lot seawall, new restroom and landscaping - 4th Qtr 2022

  • Selection of Development Team for Parcel A - 2022

  • Harbor Steps - TBD


 City presentations on specifics of the plans can be found on the Marina website under Marina Master Plan Information. 


A draft of the Marina Master Plan was initially released in August of 2021. Much of the content lacks definition. DMMA comments were provided for City consideration along with many other tenant comments.  See Marina website for the staff's response to comments.  


The next version of the Marina Master Plan is expected in late summer or early fall 2022 and will have a better definition of the plans and schedules. City presentations and public comments are expected to occur on this version. It will then go to City Council for approval.

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