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July 2022: Current News & Upcoming Events

News Items:

State of the City Address

During the November 11th Des Moines Marina Association meeting Mayor Matt Pina and Deputy Mayor Matt Mahoney provided an update on the the State of the City. Watch the recorded presentation to hear all of the latest updates and the Q&A session addressing many of your questions.

May Small Boat Sling: Failed inspection and closed small boat sling from any further use. City plans to add a replacement effort in to the permit for L, M &N dock replacement. Likely 2025 before the capability will be established.

June Parking Gates: Work continues on Parking Gates. Still waiting on parts for repairs. Supply chain issues with manufactured part is a problem resulting in outrageous timelines. The Beach Park gates are back functioning normally

City staff changes: City Manager Matthias has implemented some staff changes. Dan Brewer has accepted a new role as Executive Director of Marina Re-Development, and will be transitioning away for City wide operations to focus more on the marina. Dan will be overseeing both in-water and all landside development here at the Marina.

Upcoming Events:

Release of Marina Master Plan: The next release of a draft marina master Plan is expected in late August or early September. It is anticipated tenants and the public will have an opportunity to comment.

Next DMMA Meeting: September14 at 7pm. Location TBD

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