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South Sound Boating Community Outreach

The South Sound boating community has been contributing to the greater community in these times of need. Recent contributions this year include:

  • Des Moines Marina Association (DMMA), the organization comprised of Marina tenants and others interested in the health of the Des Moines Marina, contributed $1,000 to the Des Moines Food Bank, and $500 to the Des Moines Farmers Market for signage, Personal Protective Equipment, and advertising to run a safe market. The Board of the DMMA is looking into additional ways to help with contributions and awareness for the needs of our community

  • Three Tree Point Yacht Club donated $2,100 to the Des Moines Food Bank. In lieu of holding their normal spring sailboat race series, canceled due to COVID-19, they organized a socially distanced predicted log contest, with participants donating money to the Food Bank.

  • America’s Boating Club, formally known as the Poverty Bay Power Squadron, has an annual fundraising campaign that raises nearly $1,000 for the Food Bank and other needy causes.

  • Des Moines Yacht Club awarded three $1,000 college scholarships to out-standing Mt. Rainier graduates through their Navigating the Future Scholarship program. They also donated $750 to the Des Moines Food Bank.

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