Advocacy & Projects

What we do:

 “Bring City attention and action to the improvement and preservation of the Des Moines Marina”

Marina Basin Development Plan

The City of Des Moines Council and staff are exploring development possibilities for the marina basin.  The work being done at this stage is focused primarily on "land-side" development at the marina.  Input is needed on the "water-side" future of the marina.  DMMA members are uniquely positioned to offer insight and opinions on the future of moorage facilities, services and amenities related to boating and boat ownership.

Please encourage your dock-mates to join DMMA and to attend the October Association meeting at the Senior Activity Center on October 10th, 7 pm.

Accomplishments & Actions:

  • Engaged with the City on the 2015 and 2016 budgets to reduce the amount of funds being transferred from the Marina to the general fund account. 

  • Advocate for restoration of financial reserves and establishment of Dock Replacement Fund in the 2017 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

  • Restoration of financial reserves (accomplished 2016)

  • Provide visibility of the Association and its objectives with the Marina staff and City officials.​

  • Established contact plans with the Marina staff, City Council meetings, and individual City Council members to advocate for development of specific Marina plans and funding.

  • Communicate relevant information to Marina tenants and other stakeholders with an interest in assuring the future success of the Marina.

  • Released a quarterly Dock Talk bulletin and monthly DMMA planning calendar (2015 and continuing)

  • Established a DMMA Fall General Meeting to capture insight/recommendations from the conclusion of our summer boating season (2014 and continuing)

  • Outreach to other stakeholders to become involved (yacht clubs, residential communities, businesses, etc.) (2014 and continuing)

  • Conduct Marina Stakeholder Meeting in addressing City development plans for the Marina Floor (Jan 27, 2016 and continuing)

  • Representative from Marina tenants designated/appointed to the Mayor’s Citizens Advisory Committee (2016)

  • Engage with Marina staff to promote actions and activities that improve operations, maintenance and welfare of the Marina, its tenants and stakeholders

  • Dock Ladder program for safety (2013)

  • Designated parking for tenants (2014)

  • Relocation of green buoy at Marina entrance (2014)

  • Enhancement of parking signage at M and N Docks (2015)

  • Promoted flexibility in staffing during city staff furlough to support fuel dock operations (2016)

  • Provided input on Implementation of paid parking (2016-2017)

Continued focus areas:

  • Identification of maintenance needs/concerns for actions

  • Security and public safety measures (parking lot and docks)

  • Support to public events and activities (market, fireworks display, beach park activities, etc.)

  • Engage with the City to ensure Marina paid parking approach is equitable, does not unfairly impact the Marina budget, and strengthens security (2016-2017)